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We are open for events, co-working, and shoots!


As we think about what the future of our workplace looks like, 

we recognize that we are part of a smaller community of organizations, 

cities, and individuals taking immediate, necessary steps to care for 

our wellbeing. 


While distancing may be part of our new normal, collaboration and 

connection remains more important than ever—and having a safe place 

to do that is essential. We want our members to know that they can 

make Rita House part of their day and still feel comfortable being with 

friends and family outside of work.


That’s why we’re enhancing our space and services to protect the 

wellbeing of our community—ensuring that members can 

continue working in a safe, healthy work environment.


Preparing for a new work environment

We are making space and services updates to maintain hygiene safety and physical distancing best practices in three ways:


  • Prioritizing personal space by modifying shared spaces with staggered seating and buffer zones, teams can continue to operate in the workplace while still maintaining a healthy physical distance from colleagues and fellow members.

  • Increased sanitization 

  • We’ve implemented heightened cleaning measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our members. We are disinfecting common areas more frequently and are providing complimentary sanitization products in our spaces.


Behavioral signage


  • New cleaning standards and capacity protocols will be reinforced with strategically-placed signage and wayfinding—friendly reminders to members and guests that the wellbeing of our community depends on all of us to do our part.


Our enhanced standards


  • Maintaining and enhancing our cleaning measures

  • Our members can expect heightened cleaning and hygiene standards that align with guidance provided by the CDC, WHO, and local health organizations.

This includes

  • Increased frequency and scope of daytime cleaning and sanitization

  •  Expanded availability of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, alcohol sprays, and gels throughout the building

  • Reduced touchpoints in pantries and expanded offerings of single-use cutlery

  • Temporarily suspending coffee and snacks, feel free to bring your own Nespresso pods for coffee needs or for purchase 


Main Entry Ways 

  • The first entry points into our space will have clear signage and communications to emphasize the importance of distancing, hygiene, and sanitation—reminding members and guests that we all have an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of our communities. Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed upon entry.


Community Spaces 

  • As communal focal points, we’re taking steps to maintain the collaborative energy in our community spaces while still giving members comfortable spaces to work.

  • Capacity will be modified with seat-to-seat distancing—reducing occupancy (i.e., a four-person seating arrangement becomes a one to two-person setup). These modified capacity norms will also be reinforced with nearby signage.

  • We ask you wear a mask while walking through the building, but may take off your mask once seated and safely socially distanced from anyone else in the space occupied.



  • Disposable cups and cutlery, soap dispensers and wipe dispensers, and seating will be modified to reduce capacity and heavy foot traffic.

  • Soap dispensers and hygiene guidelines signage at sink


Print stations

  • From paper to office supplies, the print station is a space used by all members. To maintain the cleanliness of this “high touch” space, wipe dispensers, hand sanitizers, and hygiene signage will be placed at every print station.

  • Wipe dispenser and hygiene guidelines signage near printer


Phone booths

  • We are making our phone booths safer and more comfortable. Routine cleanings will take place frequently throughout the day and wipe dispensers will be placed nearby, allowing members to clean surfaces before and after use. Additionally, signage will be placed in phone booths encouraging good hygiene.

Meeting rooms

  • As shared, collaborative spaces, meeting rooms are being enhanced so that members can connect with each other comfortably. New capacity guidelines will be posted at entrances and recommended seating arrangements will be placed on tabletops with wipe and sanitizer dispensers will be located nearby.



  • As with all our spaces, restrooms will undergo more frequent and regimented cleanings throughout the day.

  • Signage will remind members that soap and water go a long way in staying healthy.


  • Frequent sanitization of the controllers will be put in place, please text Sara or Scott if you need assistance with temperature and controllers anytime. 


A future built on your wellbeing


As we navigate the evolving realities of COVID-19, we are looking ahead to what the future of the workplace holds for all of us. We’re working tirelessly to ensure that whatever comes next that we’ll be ready for it, together.


Above all else, we are committed to making sure that all our members can continue to work with peace of mind and focus on what matters most.

That’s our promise to you. We can’t wait to see you soon.

Be Safe + Best Wishes,

RiTA House Management

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